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We believe in the Stone and Grace Vision of a world led with love.

We believe in the Stone and Grace Mission to decolonize spaces, places, and people, and liberate hearts and minds, to strengthen the disposition to thrive.

We believe in the Stone and Grace Values - the underlying strategy to achieve the mission and vision through honesty and care, in order to unlock and access higher levels of freedom.

We believe in the Stone and Grace Blueprint - an ecosystem of social construction to deconstruct antiquated systems, structures, and ways thinking and acting that are rooted in colonization, in order to reconstruct what works for us all.

We support the Stone and Grace Journey 'TO THE RUTE' of what connects us all,

Because we believe that the time has come to decolonize the world -

With the building blocks that are Stone, and the divine mercy that is God's Grace. 

We believe.


Do you?





Founder & Principal,

Stone and Grace LLC

Shaunda Lewis is The Decolonization Coach: a guide through tackling truth, reconciliation, and transformation. A social architect, systems builder, and spirit guide, she works with others to remember who they are, confront their fears, awaken power, and build that which is led and driven by love. 

A daughter of Caribbean immigrants to the United States, Shaunda's unique perspective of belonging to multiple cultures, holding a plethora of distinct identities, and navigating social constructs that never made space for her full self, allows her to understand the need to create spaces that work for us all.

An entrepreneur, historian, esoteric scientist, and persistent student of the human condition, Shaunda is committed to moving humanity into a brighter age. Her enterprise, Stone and Grace, is focused on deconstructing old, outdated ways of existing, in order to reconstruct that which works for us all. She is in the business of liberating hearts and minds and strengthening the disposition to thrive. 

Currently, through Stone and Grace, Shaunda is creating  a community of Decolonizers - equipped with the skillset and knowledge to support human ascension. Her life is dedicated to actualizing the callings of her soul - the Eden she envisions through her intuition: Heaven, here on Earth.

Shaunda is building the B Club.

Shaunda Believes. Do you?

Caroleen L. Daly - Head Shot - Circle.png


Seasoned Real Estate Entrepreneur, Financial Specialist & Creator 

Retired, Mass Housing Finance Agency


Founder, Caroleen Creates

Co-Founder, C&H Partnership

Caroleen Believes.



Leader, Educator & Healer - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Restoration

Managing Director, Phoenix Academy Charter Schools

J D. Believes.



Hospitality Expert, Entrepreneur & Connoisseur

Executive Chef

Founder, Haute Hospitality 

Founder, Concept Cuisiner

Stafford, Jr. Believes.



Community Leader,

Seasoned Building & Real Estate Entrepreneur

Owner & CEO, Alpha Building Construction & Development Corporation

Stafford, Sr. Believes.


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